A Modernized Approach for Today's Woman. . .






For women that have places to go, need to carry wine and only have two hands!  

To carry your wine, bubbly or favorite spirits.  The Wine Gabby™ is the only 2-in-1 handbag that can carry all of your essentials, but also unfolds to carry a large bottle of wine. . .  it then re-folds and you're ready to go with all of your essentials in one small compact bag!  Disguising the practicality of a wine tote within a stylish, sophisticated handbag that simplifies your life.

Studies show that women now purchase 8 out of 10 bottles of wine in the US and throw away at least 1.2 billion bags for wine each year.  The Wine Gabby is the newest versatile fashion accessory that better serves our environment!  It is a cute wristlet handbag for everyday use, but also a fashionable way to carry wine, spirits or bubbly.  No more having to carry multiple bags or missed calls because you could not get to your phone in time! 

View a demo of the Wine Gabby.



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